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Services Provided:

• High contrast ETDRS chart visual acuity testing
• Contrast sensitivity evaluation
• Low Vision refraction if requested by your referring doctor
• Visual field testing with Goldmann perimeter (Alexandria location)
• Central scotoma testing using Nidek microperimeter (Alexandria location)
• Reading evaluation
• Referral for in home low vision rehabilitation occupational therapy
• Referral to state rehabilitation agencies
• Assessment of optical, electronic and non-optical visual aids
• Lighting and glare recommendations
• Recommendations for genetic testing of certain eye conditions
• Introduction to local vision support groups
• Counseling on coping with vision loss

About Our Equipment

The Low Vision Learning Center in Alexandria is a collaborative effort with the Prevention of Blindness Society of the Metropolitan Area and the Lions Clubs of Northern Virginia. Most of the equipment, visual aids (that are used for diagnostic purposes) and the facility itself have been provided by these two organizations. The Nidek microperimeter for example, is one of the few pieces of equipment specifically designed to map blind spots (scotoma) in cases of macular degeneration and similar conditions for the purposes of understanding the progression of the condition and determining the optimum area of the macula to use for rehabilitation purposes.  Many patients donate their used visual aids back to the center, which are then used as loaner visual aids. Other items are collected by the Lions Club and processed through their eyeglasses recycling program for projects outside the United States.


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4942 St. Elmo Avenue
Bethesda MD 20814

(inside Colonial Opticians at the corner of Old Georgetown Road and St. Elmo Avenue)
Nearest Metro station is Bethesda about 4 blocks away


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103 South Alfred St
Alexandria, VA 22314

(at the corner of King St. and Alfred St., part of the 900 King Street historic building)
Nearest Metro station is King Street about 6 blocks away

Washington DC:

233 Massachusetts Ave NE
Washington DC, 2002